If you need legal advice while in San Diego county, then you would our services. Our experienced and professional attorney, along with his efficient team of investigators and experts, he will make sure that you will have the best legal representation that may very well save your life and your reputation. We will provide you with the best legal service in San Diego, at an extremely affordable rate.

If you or your loved one, has been accused of committing a crime, then no doubt, you may be wondering about several things, and some questions might be running through your mind, like:

Should I go to trial?
Can I afford an attorney?
Should I hire my own attorney?
How would that affect my case?
Should I take a plea bargain?
Would I go to jail?

All of these things would be addressed by our office. We will offer personal attention and give you excellent legal representation so that you will get the best possible outcome.

The San Diego police and law enforcement, along with the prosecutor’s office, are working extremely hard to lessen the crime rate within their area. Thus, if you are charged with a criminal case, then they’d most likely come down hard on you. They will be determined to penalize and will come fully equipped with their evidences and investigation findings. So you would need representation, and you’d need them fast.

Our firm would come to your aid, during your time of need, and our years of experience, and our efficient team of experts would make sure that your best interests are protected. We will conduct our own series of thorough investigations that will look into the circumstances of your case, and from that, we will develop unique defenses that can help win you case.

Our team of professional investigators and experts, along with our attorney’s wit, skill, and experience would surely help you pul out of these difficult times. So whether you need to get out of a DUI charge or any other criminal law charge, then you’d need us to help.

We are set out to do bail motions and argue bail hearings, we do evidence suppression motions, motions to disclose police officers’ backgrounds, and discovery motions. We will do everything and anything to help win your case.

Our team has efficiently and successfully guarded the rights of several clients already. Our success have led to case dismissals, reduced charges, favorable plea bargains, and even not guilty verdicts.